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When designing any part application the essential piece of documentation is the Fixture Net List. This document ties together, the Tester Resources, the Dut Board Interface and the Dut Pins. Here is a typical example taken from the RI Applications Design Training the RF000.

The idea is simple. Column A are the Dut Board Connections both DC and RF. Column B allows the Tester Resource to be logged. Columns C and D indicate the device Pin # and Name. The notes column can be used for Cbit switching.

The document also enables collecting the information such as :
a.) Serial ID chip
b.) Ground Reference
c.) VIReturn
d.) Sense Lines
e.) In Fixture resources.

Here is an example of the documentation for an in fixture RF switch. When fully documented all connections in the switch are included in the document.

Here is the actual spreadsheet example from the RI training course.

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