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With the advent of more safety features, AI controls and autonomous driving potential, future automobiles and communications systems will rely heavily on mmWave frequencies in next generation devices. The manufacturing and production of these devices at mmWave frequencies brings many new test engineering challenges. Device placement, socket design, handler control and package layout can have significant impacts on production quality due to the small wavelengths involved. The need for higher precision measurements to calibrate for the losses and phase changes due to these physical requirements dictates the need for lab grade vector measurement capability on the production floor. The test platform needs to include the ability to perform high speed S-Parameter measurements at mmWave frequencies with sufficient precision to guarantee the safety of the people using the end systems and to apply these to all other RF tests. Does your current test platform vendor have this kind of capability, and therefore we ask the question; are you ready?

Having the ATE system for production that can make precision measurements at mmWave frequencies is only the first step. You need a company behind that system that has sufficient experience implementing production proven solutions at mmWave frequencies and enough depth of knowledge to assist with issues that inevitably arise while working with cutting-edge technology. Roos Instruments has bee doing this for many years and has several patents for its innovative mmWave testing technology. The patents cover blind mate interfaces, signal switching and routing with dense waveguides used for measuring the performance of mmWave devices.

Roos Instruments is the partner you need to successfully navigate today's mmWave manufacturing environment. With the Cassini ATE platform, your team will have the confidence to produce mmWave devices with enough quality and yield to cost effectively supply products to top-tier radar system designers. Cassini offers standard mmWave precision measurement TIMs (Test Instrument Modules) up to 110 GHz along with the experienced staff who have been delivering commercial mmWave production solutions to customer since 2007.

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