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To provide the test engineer a guide in Creating a Software DUT to be used with the RI 7100A tester and its associated fixturing.

What does the Software DUT do?
The Software DUT is the first step in defining how the device relates to the testers resources. Although not required, its use is encouraged in aiding the process of Software DIB and Software Fixture creation. It also provides a mapping between the device pins and the Device Interface Board.

Process Steps:
  1. From the programmers Message Window select Test then Devices then New ( Figure 1 ).
  2. After selecting New and DUT a window will pop up asking you to name the new DUT ( Figure 2 ).
  3. After naming the new DUT highlight it with a left hand mouse button click. Use a right hand mouse button to use the pull down menu to edit the DUT.
  4. Choosing Pins will open an edit window for the new DUT ( Figure 3 ).
  5. Enter the number of pins for the DUT in the Number of pins field. After entering the number of pins repeat steps 3 and 4 to begin editing the DUT pins.
  6. Highlight Pin #1 and define its type by selecting one of the options in the Type field. As a further option the pin can be described in the Description field.
  7. Once you have defined all the pin#s and their Types select OK. Figure 4 and Figure 5 represent the DUT definition for the Student DUT as seen in Figure 1.

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Figure 1
New Device
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Figure 2
New Device Name
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Figure 3

Pin Edit

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Figure 4

DUT Definition

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Figure 5

DUT Definition

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