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This document describes how to identify defective RI8574A Cassini16 EPC System Controllers with an earlier version of the RIFL Master controller. Prior to "dsn: July2014", the RIFL Master may be initialized in a way that prevents the system controller from booting. The root cause of the problem is the BIOS revision performs an undocumented query that may be responded to if the RIFL bus was used prior to startup (not the first boot). The unreliable restart of the EPC can be resolved by completely powering down Cassini following standard procedures. The EPC will restart successfully once the RIFL bus powered down.

This non-critical flaw may affect up to 30 systems shipped after Nov-2011 and before Oct-2014. EPC System Controllers shipped after Oct-2014 have the latest RIFL Master programming that is not affected by this issue.

SYMPTOMS: EPC System Controller may not start properly after restart. The CPU fan will not start and TIM fan will not spin.

IDENTIFYING DEFECTIVE RI8574A EPC SYSTEM CONTROLLERS: Visual inspection of the labeled RIFL Master is required. No external visual identification techniques are possible. Follow the corrective action on a suspected EPC System Controller.
INCORRECT RIFL Master programming: Labeled "prgMM.DD.YY" and "dsn: MmmmYYYY" anytime before July 2014.

CORRECT RIFL Master Programming: Labeled "prg7.24.14" or later and "dsn: July2014" or later.

CORRECTIVE ACTION REQUIRED: Replacement should be performed by authorized RI Personnel only.

Tools Needed: #2 Philips screw driver, needle nose pliers, PLD programmer.

If incorrect "dsn" is identified, replace with correctly programmed RIFL Master board.

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