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Follow these instructions ONLY when directed by ROOS Support. Replacement internal module must be available.

    To repair a VCC Problem (DP,VM,DB,VI,VCCs) from the RI7100A Testhead:
    1. Turn off the testhead power.
    2. Remove testhead bottom cover.
    3. Find associated bad VCC boards pictured below.

      RI7100A Testhead Bottom.pdfRI7100A Testhead Bottom.pdf
    4. Replace the damaged module.

      For Example: VCC pcb Y0000PB1, If the failed VCC is 1/2 or 3/4 also replace the VCC Relay pcb Y0001RB1.
    5. Confirm that the boards are in the proper orientation and are pushed all the way into their sockets. If it is VCC 5/6 or 7/8 make sure its cable is plugged back into the its pcb.
    6. Replace the testhead bottom cover.
    7. Turn on testhead power.
    8. Install calibration fixture.
    9. Start the RI System Software.
    10. Make a backup copy of the tester.
    11. From the calibration window run the Cal plans which have the failed VCC included in the plans name.
      • If you encounter any problems, Save the tester and send us a copy of the tester.sys file with the new cal data in it.
    12. Test with a production part to verify operation.

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