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      • Review Completed Packing List (with instrument serial numbers) compare with actual and report any discrepancies immediately to [email protected].
      • Apply "Calibration Sticker" to Cassini system (suggested location: below ON switch on EPC)
      • Open RI Support Tablet (iPad min), attach USB cable to EPC and place on Infrastructure next to tower.
      • Fill out RI Support Table Registration Page, send to [email protected] (take picture, setup Wifi, send email from iPad)

Setup Hardware (see Reference Guide, CH 1.4 Shipping and Unpacking a Cassini System, pg 45)

      • Attach TIMs, Confirm EPC TIM is fully latched
      • (Optional) Attach Aux Rack Remote TIMs and Rack latch to Infrastructure
      • (Optional) Attach Monitor, Keyboard/Mouse, Network to EPC
      • Attach Air and Power
      • (Optional) Attach Handler POD & Green Handler/Prober Grounding Cable to ground point on handler/prober
      • Follow System Startup Procedure (CH 1.5 Infrastructure, Start Up Procedure, pg 66)

Setup Software

      • Configure Network (System Settings > Network > TCP/IP > TCP/IP Configuration)
      • Configure Guru Address Book (Logon, then Apps > Guru Address Book Admin).
        Click "New Remote Address" twice to add 'update' and 'backup' address type entries
        Address field can be host name (like guru.company.com) or IP address.
        Restart Guru. Logon/System button should be GREEN.
      • IMPORTANT: Import system .GZP to a different Guru to backup to Guru Server (System > Backup will only copy newly created objects) or use Apps > Sync Util to copy all objects from the tester Guru to the server.
      • (Optional) Configure Shared Network Folders (Desktop > Local Network > Samba...)
      • (Optional) Configure VNC Server (Desktop > Programs > Installed Software > PM VNC Server)
      • (Optional) Configure FTP Server (See Enabling FTP Server on System Controller)
      • (Optional) If first system, Setup Admin User Account and Users (See Product DocsManage Users with Guru Users Admin - https://roos.com/docs/RBEH-8WGV56?Open)

Run Diagnostics

      • Run Diagnostics (see CH5 Diagnostics, pg 570)
        IMPORTANT: Wait at least 2 hour warm up period for temperature of instruments to stabilize.

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