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Attached is a calibration test plan and associated fixture designed to be calibrated using Dut Board calibration Standards. The Fixture definition this is written for is a R1 12 RF port fixture, where four fixture paths are defined as follows: RF2 >>DutRF2; RF3 >> Dut RF3; RF6 >> Dut RF6; and RF7 >> Dut RF7. The example is a template that can be modified for additional paths (switching or different dut board connections).

To add additional paths, we need to create a path and then make the appropriate modifications in the test plan to use the path:

1.) Add them to the software fixture

2.) Activate the Fixture

3.) Copy an open, short, load, and calc cal test plan for the test ports involved.

4.) Modify the copied OPEN plan's Fixture>RESET CAL button to select the new path name

5.) Modify the OPEN plan's Fixture>HEAD RF X button to select the new Dut board Pin (DutRf1-Rf12)

6.) Create a new Data save name (System>SORTED BY FREQ) on the OPEN plan appropriate to the new path

7.) Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the short and load

8.) Modify the new CALC plan for the 3 new local variable sources (open, short, load)

9.) Modify the new CALC plan's Fixture>Cal Data button to select the new path name

This same procedure can be used to include switching as well by including the switching in the fixture definition.

Once the calibration plan has been created, it can be automatically invoked from the fixture container window, by a right mouse click and "calibrate". To enable this capability the calibration test plan must located in the correct directory.

1.) Create a directory named for the appropriate fixture under riapps\caltests\fixture\
2.) Place the calibration plan in that directory
3.) From the fixture container window right click and select the calibrate option

You will then see the Fixture Calibration Executive window. There will be no test plans listed in the upper left window.

4.) From the pull down menus, select testplan>add.

You will get a dialog box with all the fixture types that have calibration folders created. (This is the folder you created under riapps\caltests\fixture\"your fixture name")

5.) Select the fixture type
6.) Select the testplan you previously created.
7.) When you close this dialog, it will ask if you want to save changes. Select yes, and the fixture will then always point to that file.

Calibrations can then be automatically run when in the calibration executive window by selecting the desired plan and "run selected"

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