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It can be a requirement to override the default numbering scheme of the STDF data generator in the test executive. Some organizations have classes of data delineated by their test number. For instance 100's for continuity, 200s for DC currents, 300's for RF measurements. In addition to the test number, it may be desired to change the actual data name. There might be a character limit, restricted characters, or a desire to override the automatic permutation of the RI test environment.

This functionality is included in Cassini through a special pair of "datanames Name" and "datanames Number" columns in the Limits stored with the testplan, where it can be edited or exported and modified in a desktop spreadsheet application.

IMPORTANT: Once the User Data Identifier is invoked the User must control the Names and Numbering. All automatic checking for unique names and numbers is ignored. In addition, any changes to the test plan will invalidate the name and number file. For instance renaming a data save button in a panel will not automatically create a new Data Name, it must be manually added. If a Data Number is set, and some datanames Numbers are at 0, the tester is forced to create automatic numbers for the 0s and there may be conflicts.

To Enable Data Names:
  1. Right click on the white center of any System | Save button and choose User Data identifier. (See Figure 1)
  2. Choose Yes on the confirmation prompt. (See Figure 2)
  3. When prompted for a name and number, leave the name blank and accept the auto-assigned number or enter a target value. Leaving the data number as zero will force the tester to automatically create a number but it should not be left blank. (See Figure 3)
  4. (Optional) Repeat step 1 for any other specific tests or view all names/numbers from the Limits table by choosing Limits > Table. Use File > Export CSV to use a spreadsheet application to make bulk modifications quickly. (See Figure 4)
  5. Save the testplan to make changes permanent.

To Disable Data Names:
  1. Choose Limits > Delete.
  2. Choose datanames from the list and choose select. (See Figure 5)
  3. Save the testplan to make the changes permanent.

Figure 1: Enable datanames

Figure 2: Confirm

Figure 3: Assign Name

Figure 4: Limits table

Figure 5: Delete datanames Test Limits

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