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CH 5: Device Definitions
Product Docs
Device Definitions - Creating the Device, Device Pins, Fixture, DIB, and Device Control1
Product Docs
Device Definitions - Filtering by Family2
Product Docs
Device Definitions - Device Connections (Device, DIB, Fixture)5
Product Docs
Device Definitions - Fixture Quickstart Guide7
Product Docs
Device Definitions - Fixture Definition8
Product Docs
Device Definitions - Device Control (Serial and Parallel Ports)15

Also Includes:

    • Tester Viewer Panels
    • Device Control
    • Advanced Test Plan Buttons

  1. Introduce System Block Diagram AGAIN
  2. Setting Up Sources
  3. Setting Up the Source 12
  4. Setting Up The Testhead:
    • Stimulus Buttons
    • Response Buttons
    • Sampled Waves
  5. Setting Up the Receiver
  6. Setting up the DB lines
    • As Static Digital
    • As V Parametric
  7. Setting Up the DP lines
  8. Setting Up the VI lines
  9. Setting Up the ARB
  10. Setting Up the O'scope
  11. Setting Up the DDS

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