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This document contains configuration options for a SAMBA SERVER and is ONLY needed when using legacy OS/2 ROOS ATE like RI7100A. Cassini ATE uses eCS that includes a graphical samba client that can connect to modern windows shared folders (including Active Directory).

The ROOS System controller runs OS/2 or eComStation that can mount drives on a LanManager or Samba server (server message block SMB). Samba Server can be configured to emulate the network protocol and Extended Attribute support required by OS/2. Another alternative is to use a SAMBA client on OS/2 that can connect to modern Windows (smb) Domain shares and user accounts.

Note: eCS 2 includes a graphical samba client that can connect to modern windows shares (including Active Directory shares). This is no longer required unless your system controller is using OS/2. For RI7100A and Cassini systems with OS/2 based system controllers, contact [email protected] to request and upgrade.

To Configure eComStation:
  • Local Network | Shared Network Drives | Samba Shares
  • Enter the Server Name (i.e. workstation1) and share name (RiApps) and choose a drive letter

  • NT passwords (non-hashed) and not case sensitive only first 8 characters (NOT compatible with XP or later passwords withtout a registry modification)
  • Linux server with filesystem and kernel that supports Extended Attributes (EA or user_xattr)

Note: All recent popular distributions (SuSE, RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc..) include a kernel and filesystem with xattr support, but the options need to be manually turned on.

The following configuration files on the Linux server need to include the following: (or equivalent)

  • /dev/sda1 /mnt/shares ext3 acl,user_xattr

  • [Global]
  • lm annouce = yes
  • ea support = yes
  • [Share]
  • store dos attributes = yes
  • dos filemode = yes
  • case sensitive = no
  • strict locking = no

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