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For all EPCs shipped before Feb-2021, the JFS system driver should be updated to prevent rare cases of read-ahead cache problem. For systems shipped before 2013, and D: drive should be checked to avoid possible problems in the future. The RI System Software has already been updated to work around this issue, but all critical OS updates are still recommended to be updated by the end user.

Version 1.09.09 (Nov-2020) fixes cache read-ahead problem that can cause a file system hang in some rare cases. Cassini EPCs do not boot to JFS, so the "IPE" issue is not relevant.
Version 1.09.06 (Oct-2013) fixes a rare transaction log defect.

See Arca Noae JFS Wiki for details.

Severity: Minor (unknown impact on reliability)

Upgrade Package
JFS-1.09.09.zip (Readme)

To Upgrade JFS to 1.09.09:
  1. Copy JFS-1.09.09.zip to the C:/ or D:/ drives.
  2. Open a command prompt and unzip with the unzip JFS-1.09.09.zip [Enter] key.
  3. Run the Warp-In Installer by typing "JFS-1.09.09.exe" [Enter]
  4. Choose Next three (3_ times, then answer Yes to the prompt to Create Directories.
  5. Press Install to begin installing.
  6. Choose Yes at the "Do you wish to continue?" prompt.
  7. Once complete, choose OK at the "Installation has completed..." message.

To Perform Offline CHKDSK /F D:
This step is ONLY recommended for systems which shipped before 2014. EPCs shipped after 2014 has version 1.09.06. (See "To Verify a System is Upgraded" section below)
  1. After upgrading, CHKDSK /F must be run on the D:/ drive when it is not mounted. This requires entering the command prompt using the Recovery Choices menu at system startup.
  2. Right click on the desktop and choose Properties.
  3. Choose Archives tab and confirm "Display at each system startup" is enabled and change Timeout to 5 seconds.
  4. Right click on the Desktop and choose Shutdown and Standard reboot form the Extended Shutdown prompt. Choose OK an Skip for any confirmations.
  5. At the Recovery Choices screen, choose F2 to enter command prompt.
  6. At the c:\ prompt, type chkdsk /f d: and press [enter]
  7. After it is complete type exit and press [enter] to reboot.
  8. Let the system boot as normal ore press ESC to proceed past the Recovery Choices screen.
  9. (Optional) Disable the Recovery Choices screen at startup by disabling the option (step 9 & 10).
  10. The upgrade and chkdsk process is complete.

To Verify a System is Upgraded:
  • Open c:/sys/doc/JFS/ReadMe.txt, confirm "JFS - Journaled File System for OS/2 v1.09.09" on the first line. This file is created during install of the update.
  • Alternatively, try running "testlog jfs" and consult the output file to confirm JFS version. (See Fgure (Note: Get the latest testlog app from 88watts.net)

Figure 1: JFS Upgrade Installer

Figure 2: JFS Upgrade Installer Prompt

Figure 3: JFS Upgrade Installer Prompt

Figure 4: Desktop Properties > Archives

Figure 5: Recovery Choices at Startup

Figure 6: CHKDSK /F D: command results

Figure 6: 'testlog jfs' results

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