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S2P "Touch Stone" data can be exported from other tools (like spectrum analyzers) and loaded into the DIB for use in a testplan. S2P describes S-Parameter data for a particular direction. ROOS calibrations typically require S2P data for each of the four S-Parameter directions.

1. Put S2P files onto the local system controller.
2. Have at your disposal a listing of pin names, pin numbers, and a S2P files vs pin# list.
Also have a fixture schematic and device interface schematic handy.

3. Load "Device Pins" in the device connection editor. Add or edit pins.
4. Load "Dut Interface in the connection editor. Edit the DIB and save.
5. Load the fixture from the environment window.
6. Do a "Cal Inspect" on the Dut Interface.
7. Highlight the cal factor to be loaded and perform an "Item to download".
8. Find the S2P file on the server and load it in Touch Stone format.
9. Perform a Dut interface calibration save.

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