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RITdb can be used with a free, open-source application called DB Browser for SQLite. (github)

Install DB Browser for SQLite:
  1. Depending on your OS, download and install package or run the install command from https://sqlitebrowser.org/dl/
  2. Associate .ritdb with that application. For Windows, right click on a .ritdb file and choose Open With... > Choose Another App > select Db Browser and enable Always use this app to open .ritdb files.

To Browse RITdb with DB Browser:
  1. Open .rtidb file with Db Browser for SQLite.
  2. Choose Browse Data tab.
  3. Enter target text in any column. (reference Database 'Product Docs', View 'All Documents', Document 'RITdb Streaming Datalog'RITdb Streaming Datalog for column and entity descriptions and example SQL statements to generate wide tables)

To Export RITdb as CSV:
  1. Open .rtidb file with Db Browser for SQLite.
  2. Choose File > Export > Table(s) as CSV file...
  3. Choose Save with ritdb1 table selected. (See Figure 1)

Load Sample SQL Statements to Generate "Wide" Tables:
  1. Open .rtidb file with Db Browser for SQLite.
  2. Choose Execute SQL tab and Open SQL Files, then select any of the examples below.
  3. Choose any of the newly loaded .sql tabs and choose the play icon (or press F5 Key) to execute the selected SQL.
  4. The results will appear as a table in the pane directly below with output of the script in the pane below that.

Figure 1: Export as CSV


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