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If one of the Vcc's is failing it must be replaced. The Vcc's are configured as pairs on a single board. Vcc 1&2, Vcc 3&4, etc.

The following is the replacement procedure:

1) First turn off the system power, turn the Test Head over and remove the screws around the bottom cover panel. Slowly remove the bottom cover and disconnect the cooling fan DC cable from the mother board. This will expose the DC and DUT control section of the Test Head.

2) Locate the appropriate VCC PC Board ( see section 14 for Bottom Carrier Drawings) and remove it following the "Instructions for replacing modules in the head" located in section 10 (RI PC Board Replacement Procedure)

3) Install a replacement VCC PC board. Connect the cable to the location it was removed from.

4) Connect the cooling fan DC cable from the bottom cover to the mother board. Install the screws around the bottom cover panel.

5) Connect the power and perform the "System Startup" procedures. Run the "VCC 123456 Verify" diagnostic routine to check the integrity of the new VCC

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