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If you have a file, such as STDF data, that has been copied by the agent and you wish to copy it again, you have three options:

    Option A. Tell the agent not to ignore already copied files.

      1. Open Guru Agent Editor.
      2. Use the Guru | Open pull-down menu to select the appropriate agent file.
      3. Click on the check box (near the upper left) labeled “Ignore Already Copied Files”.
      4. Save the updated setting using the Guru | Save pull-down menu.
      5. Run the Agent, causing ALL previously copied files to be recopied.
      6. Don’t forget to restore the setting afterwards to prevent the agent from re-copying the files every time going forward.
    Note: this will cause all previously copied files for that agent file, to be recopied. Be careful when using this approach, it can result in an quite a few files being copied.

    Option B. Change the value that indicates a file has already been copied. You can change the marker value that indicates a set of files have already been copied, essentially ‘starting over’ with those files.

      1. Open Guru Agent Editor.
      2. Use the Guru | Open pull-down menu to select the appropriate agent file.
      3. Change the value in the field labeled On Successful Copy (located near the lower left). Change the value to anything else, for example from“local.ri.sys.GA_Copied=true” to “local.ri.sys.GA_Copied2=true” instead. Note: be sure the new one still starts with “local.”.
      4. Save the updated setting using the Guru | Save pull-down menu.
      5. Run the Agent, causing ALL previously copied files to be recopied and to be tagged with the new indicator going forward.

    Option C. Clear the “already copied” indicator from a single data file. You can clear the indication that a file has been copied by editing the file attributes, removing the marker.

      1. Open Guru Explorer.
      2. Select the data file to be recopied. One way to do this is by selecting ObjClass=RiDatalog (using the 'Key 1' box on the left hand side). Click on the “Creation Date” column to show the latest entries at the top. Note: When doing this with STDF data, there may be numerous entries comprising a given data file, but the only one that needs to be edited is the summary file. It is tagged with the field “ri.sys.Type=summary” (note that the 'Key 2' box on the left hand side can be used to display only entries meeting that criteria).
      3. When the appropriate datalog file has been found, click on it to select it, then right click and choose “Edit | Attributes”.
      4. In the edit panel, delete the line containing the entry “local.ri.sys.GA_Copied=true”.
      5. Use File | Save in the pull-down menu to save the changes back to Guru.

    Now that the 'already copied' indication is cleared, it will be copied the next time the agent runs.

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