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The document describes the steps required to open Data Viewers on Data Save Variables during Test Exec operation. A data viewer may be opened automatically during Test Exec operation once the data name is predefined in the Test Plan for viewing.

Symbol Table entries of keywords must first be added to the Test Plan to identify the Data Save Name and the Data Viewer Type.
The two keywords that need to be added to the Test Plan Symbol table are
1) "execDataView" and this symbol should contain the name of the data save variable name.
2) "execViewType" and this symbol should contain either the Keywords "strip" or "rect" for one of the only two viewers that are supported, strip chart or rectangular viewers.
name is the name of the save

To add the Key Words to the Symbol table:
1) first select the "Name" pull down menu and then select "Add"
2) type the keywords exactly as shown making sure the use of Capitals and lower case is identical as shown.
3) then highlight the each of the new symbol names and for each one add a value by selecting the "Value" menu pick and the selecting "add Symbol"
4) for the execDataView symbol enter In the value dialog box the name of the Data Save variable ( again exactly as defined keeping notice of capitalization and low case letters)
5) for the execViewType symbol enter In the value dialog box the key words either "strip" or "rect" ( all lower case ) to define the viewer type to be opened.
Saving the Test Plan saves the embedded Symbol table as well...

Once the symbol table is save in the Test Plan, then add the Test Plan to the Test Exec.

The new feature adds the capability to auto opens a data save viewer from the test exec

You will need to enable the feature in the Test Exec editor by selecting in the Views menu pick the option "Select Data to View"

Save the Test Exec and now when the Test Exec is executed, the data viewer of the designated data name and type will be automatically opened.

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