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The Cassini tester relies on accurate time set on the EPC to function properly because all Guru objects rely on the time to assign their Creation ID (CID). Network Time Protocol is used to prevent the embedded system clock from drifting over time. Besides the CMOS battery that preserves the system clock time while the system is powered off, configuring the EPC to connect to a local NTP server is recommended.

IMPORTANT: If the system clock is off by a significant amount, the clock synchronization tool will NOT update the local time. It is intended to correct the time for drift, not set it automatically if the time is reset at startup due to a depleted CMOS battery. (See Database 'Product Docs', View 'All Documents', Document 'Replace CMOS Battery in EPC TIM'Replace CMOS Battery)

The EPC must have a network connection to a local NTP server. The default configuration uses a NTP server hosted on the internet and most production test floors have a network configuration that blocks these connections. Search the internet for instructions for setting up and maintaining a local NTP server.

To Setup Network Time Protocol:
    1. Choose System Setup > Clock Synchronization Settings (See Figure 1 and Figure 2)
    2. Enable (Check) Synchronize the system clock every [720] minutes. (See Figure 3)
    3. Enter NTP server hostname (if DNS is setup) or IP address at the Using Server field.
    4. If the Timezone is not correct, choose Change and select the correct Country and Region. Click "Observer daylight saving time" if appropriate.
      (Note: If your time zone is not accurate,
      lookup your current TZ string here)
    5. Choose OK to close.

Figure 1: System Settings > Clock Synchronization

Figure 2: Clock Synchronization Settings

Figure 3: Configure Timezone

To Manually Set the Time or Date:
  1. Double click on the time displayed in the lower right hand corner to open the System Clock.
  2. Change the Values in Time or Date section and close to update the system time. (See Figure 4)

Figure 4: System Clock

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