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Upgrading a Guru Server can be performed in two ways: Guru Update (Auto Update) or Image Replace (.zip)

Image Replace (.zip)

Simply replace the ~/RiApps/GuruServer/guruserver.zip file with one obtained via FTP link or attachment from RI Support ([email protected]).

Shutdown Guru (init script will unzip and restart with new guru)

Use OS Task Manager, kill the "guruserver" and all child processes

Guru Update (Auto Update)
This process connects to RI Guru Server and updates the Guru.

From a running Guru Client, Start the "Address Book" editor, add "RI Guru" (guru.roos.com) as an Update Guru. Shutdown Guru. Guru will close automatically after an update is received.

If a "Guru Backup" connection is active, the upgraded design will be copied to the backup Guru Server and deployed to all clients the next time Guru is started.

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