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The source2 was out(no lamp at all) and all the other system was changed to red lamp, due to no RIFL signal light out of the first node. I reconnected the RIFL cables and changed the system configuration to skip the bad source and turn on our production. Please advise me what should and how can I check the source by myself.


I believe the problem is that the PCB A19 in the source has died. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you use the correct A19 PCB. Note A19 P/N D37467-3 will work only in sources with serial #s 470001 thru 485001 and A19 P/N D40619-3 will only work in source serial# 491003. A D37467-3 MUST NOT be used to replace a D40619-3! The serial # is located on the back of the source. To replace A19 do the following steps.

1. Disconnect cables from back of source 2. Make sure to label which connection the BNC connector makes.
2. Remove the 4 screws from the front panel and slide source 2 out the front of the rack.
3. Before opening source let it sit for 5 minutes to allow any dangerous voltages to dissipate.
4. Remove top cover by undoing 3 screws on rear panel.
5. A 19 is located under a metal cover ( approx. 7cm x 22cm) at the rear of the source.
6. Make sure that no cables will interfere with removing the cover. Cover lifts straight up with a little force.
7. Disconnect cable from A 19. Remove plastic rivet on backside by pulling it straight up.
8. Use 2 levers on both ends of A19 too start lifting it out. Remove it slowly.
9. Make sure board part numbers match with the new board.
10. Assemble in reverse order.
11. Before sliding source into rack plug it in and check that front panel light is on and red.
12. You do NOT have to recalibrate anything when replacing A19.
13. Let me know if you have any questions or if you solved the problem.
14. Send me the bad board ASAP so that I can fix it and return it for your spares kit.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you purchase a UPS (an uninterruptable power supply which will also protect the rack and computer and monitor from noise on your AC main). For the small investment of approx. 2000$ US it would help prevent this problem from happening again. We have over 100 sources in the field and only 4 have had A19 burnout. 3 of the 4 that have failed have been at one facility. This is probably caused from voltage spikes on the ac line. A UPS would filter these out. A good source for a UPS is American Power Conversion. Their web site is http://www.apcc.com and their phone # is 401-789-5735 and fax # is 401-789-3710. Model # SU3000NET costs 1860$ US. This has enough capacity to handle rack,monitor,computer, and any other attached devices.

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