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The Cassini application can be launched by the Short Cut, Apps, or User Apps buttons in Guru and provides a powerful way to use and evaluate new software features without interfering with stable, fully validated production software. Roos Instruments provides different types of Short Cuts: fast loading for Prod or Dev and "locked" for use at RI only when preparing the fast loading application. Internal RI Short Cuts apply the patches dynamically at startup (i.e. "Acme Dev 2.1" whereas "Acme Dev 2.1B" are fast loading). "Acme" in this document is substitute for your corporate name. Dev Short Cuts are intended for running the latest hardware and software and be locked with specific patch versions or unlocked to always get the latest updates. "Fast loading" Short Cuts point to a Cassini application with the patches already applied, which load faster but can no longer accept patches for quick evaluation. RI no longer sends the locked

What is a Short Cut?
The Short Cut points to a custom Cassini application that contains a specific collection of updates (ri.sys.ObjClass=RiPatch) that change the functionality of the Cassini application to support Test Instrument Module (TIM) model revisions, user interface changes and more. It launches the software environment needed to operate the tester.

Development vs Production Short Cuts
A Short Cut (ri.sys.ObjClass=RiShortCut) launches a specific Guru App with a Title of "Acme Prod..." or "Acme Dev..". The applications are installed as Guru Apps on the OS with the and a unique App Name (or AppPn) similar to "GF10RC2A". Production Short Cuts and "Dev" Short Cuts ending in "B" launch an updated version of the "Cassini" application, typically called "Acme Production". A fast loading Cassini application is saved with a unique AppPn and is installed into that OS directory.

Each update stream or patch (ObjClass=RiPatch) is identified by a number and version (i.e. Patch 201.12) and typically describes a particular feature or support for a specific model TIM. In other words, each patch can be updated of changed and the version field in the patch is incremented. Each Short Cut is locked to a specific version of a patch, while it is possible to ask for latest version of the listed patch; these are called "unlocked". Some updates may also have specific version dependancies to other Guru applications like the Device Connection Editor, DB Manager or Guru Server (that runs locally).

How to Identify what Production Short Cut Version is Running?
Use Guru Browser to change Key 1 to ri.sys.ObjClass = RiApplication, to identify a row with a ri.sys.Title of "Acme Production". The ri.sys.Name column represents the Title of the Short Cut used to generate the Application. For example, "Acme Production" is "Acme Dev 14.3" and "Acme Development" is "Acme Dev 16.3". In this example, "Acme Production" Short Cut points to the "Acme Production" application and the "Acme Dev 16.3B" Short Cut points to the "Acme Development" application. Sometimes the ri.sys.Version attribute is used to identify the Short Cut version that it is based on.

How are Short Cuts Created or Edited?
RI uses the Update Manager application to create and edit Short Cuts. At RI, Short Cuts typically identify each patch and can be locked to a specific patch. Development and Production Short Cuts point to a custom fast loading application. Development Short Cuts can be updated so the revision history shows the previous versions. Once validated, Production Short Cuts typically point to a copy of a specific Dev App. To update a Short Cut, Roos Instruments provides a new version of the fast loading application and matching Short Cut.

How are Short Cuts Managed?
Roos Instruments provides updated development and production Short Cuts that will include all the necessary patches or applications. Simply import the .gzp with the Short Cut and launch it from Guru. Development Short Cuts are typically always available from the Short Cut list and can be removed by obsoleting the Short Cut with Guru Explorer. Fast loading applications, however, are new revisions of a single application object and so the operator will only see the latest revision listed from the Short Cuts button.

How can Production or Fast Loading Short Cuts be Restored?
Production Short Cuts can be restored from the Revision History > Make Last Revision Of feature of Guru Browser. Use Guru Browser to change Key 1 to ri.sys.ObjClass = RiApplication, to identify a row with a ri.sys.Title of "Acme Production". Choose "Revision History" tab at the bottom of the window, identify the revision of the application to restore and then choose Make Last Revision Of from the right button menu. It will launch the restored version the next time the Short Cut pointing to that application is selected.

Please contact [email protected] whenever restoring Short Cuts to help resolve the underlying issue that may have caused the problem.

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