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FireFTP is an excellent ftp client as extension for Firefox browser that can be installed onto the Cassini System Controller or a Virtual Workstation.

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1. Start Firefox, from the Desktop click on the Internet icon then click on the Firefox
2. Search for FireFTP add-on
by typing "fireftp addon" into the search bar.

3. Select FireFTP from the mozilla.org site

4. Click on the + Add to Firefox

5. Then click on the View other version

5. Look for "Version 2.0.7" and click on the
+ Add to Firefox to the right of the version number.
6. Select the FireFTP then click on the
Install Now

7. Restart the Firefox when prompted.

8. Click on
Tools -> FireFTP
9. Click on the Create an Account...

10. Type in your Login and Password (contact [email protected] for your company's info)

11. Select Roos then click on Connect

12. Now you can upload and download file from Roos ftp site

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