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Guru can be set to ignore any Guru connections by adding "NoUpdate=true" and "NoBackup=true" to the RiSystem object. This is intended for systems that run offline. These instructions show how to disable these flags to allow a system to connect to Guru servers.

See Administration Tasks - Guru Server Address Book, Updating Guru Connections https://roos.com/docs/ECHN-6ZNT9H

To Enable Guru Connections by Removing NoBackup and NoUpdate Flags:
    1. Log in to Guru with Engineer or Roos Inst (user with a Developer role)
    2. Launch Cassini via the Short Cut button on Guru. (never launch from the Apps menu, and always choose the latest available version.)
    3. Choose Program > Browse Guru to open the Guru Browser window. (See Figure 1)
    4. Choose Keys > Key1=Class to display all objects by ObjClass. (See Figure 2)
    5. Select RiSystem from the first column.
    6. Choose Keys > Key2 and select ri.sys.Name (See Figure 3)
    7. Select the system's Guru ID from the second column.
    8. Select the only only entry on the object selection list (right column), and choose Edit from the right mouse button or Objects menu. (See Figure 4)
    9. Remove NoBackup=true and NoUpdate=true by selecting the text and pressing delete key. (See Figure 5)
    10. Choose Save-Find > Save to save changes and close the editor window by pressing the leftmost close icon in the upper right corner of the window. (See Figure 6)
    11. Restart Guru by choosing System > Shutdown from Guru. Cassini software does not have to be restarted. After Guru is automatically launched from the startup script, the Logon button should be "yellow", indicating a update Guru is not connected. If Guru connections do exist, then then button is expected to be "green".

Figure 1: Program > Browse Guru

Note: Virtual Workstations have a yellow background, indicating that the software is in simulation mode and is not controlling instruments.

Figure 2: Guru Browser: Keys menu

Figure 3: Select Key2 - ri.sys.Name selected

Figure 4: Edit from the right mouse button menu Selected Object

Figure 5: NoBackup and NoUpdate Flags Selected

Figure 6: Save-Find > Save menu

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