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The steps below are intended to document information related to Cassini EPC Issues with consistent collection of the following, each question should be answered with Yes/No/True/False or description of answer.

Please facilitate this by creating a paper form or shared worksheet where technicians can enter this info while at the tester. Also, these steps will likely be updated over time. Please prepare a work-flow to allow for regular updates and review of the information collected.

To Document Any EPC Issue, Collect the Following Information Per Event:
    1. Date & Time
    2. Contact Name & Email Address (to allow followup questions and target interventions)
    3. Tester GuruID/Name
    4. What is the current Guru User? (If Yellow, Apps/ShortCuts takes a while to appear as Guru timeout waiting to confirm latest users)
    5. Current Activity (Exec Running, Testing % done?, Total Lot size?, Diags, Cals, Setup, Correlation, MSC etc...)
    6. Cassini Messages? Look for Errors/Warnings. Save with System > Messages, Text, File > Save.
    7. Cassini Error prompt? Save and export RiErrorLog, if not Error and Cassini still responsive, choose System > Equip > Save Sim and export RiSimulationDef.
    8. Responsive UI?
      1. OS (mouse, keyboard), -no input changes screen
      2. Desktop UI (folder), -mouse moves, but some apps don't work
      3. Cassini app, -only Cassini app frozen
      4. Db Manager (Java) app, - only Worksheet frozen
      5. Guru app, - only Guru frozen
      6. Other apps? (see step 13 below)
    9. Touch Screen? (does the mouse move to where the screen is touched, try all corners/edges?)
    10. Keyboard not responding (Num Lock, Caps Lock lights)?
      1. Try to use a different USB Keyboard. Any response? No, then hard power down tester, otherwise try Interventions.
    11. Repeatable? (Yes/No) , If Yes, what are the Steps to Recreate the Issue:
    12. Screenshot of full screen (helps to see System button status & taskbar, time at the bottom, CPU graph, tasks running, etc), use PrintScreen key, saves to D:/Screenshot/.
Interventions to Try to Recover: (Note if/when issue is resolved)
    1. CTL+ALT+DEL?, enter "T" for TOP (take screenshot, looking for high CPU usage), kill task and document program name if consistently >98%, close all apps and Guru, try to recreate issue.
    2. Check available storage on C: and D:, cmd "df -h" cmd - "Use % for c: and d:". Anything above 80% is noteworthy.
    3. Network issues? (Yellow)
      1. confirm ip address (ifconfig lan0)
      2. confirm ping to update server works
      3. confirm local date/time is accurate, if not set time and check Clock Synchronization (NTP) settings. Make sure NTP server is accessible!
      4. Guru Explorer connects to server? (launch from Apps or D:\RiApps\GuruApps\MBJB351A)

Advanced Debug Steps:
    1. On Server, check with "netstat -a | grep 50000" to confirm active connections. Look for duplicates?
    2. (Advanced) Use Wireshark on a Laptop to capture network packets between the tester and the server, (guru traffic is tcp port 50000)
      (Physically install a network hub and plug tester, laptop and LAN into the hub. ref https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkCSr30UojM, check for Lan loops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiaYS780_2U, TTL decreasing?, Duplicate packets?)

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