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There are 4 major components that enable production test to be successful: parts, socket, fixture, system. If anyone of these components fails, production test will be interrupted. This list includes the procedures recommended by RI to determine which part of the test process is failing. Send all support requests to RI at [email protected].

1) Parts:
    Run the silver parts that were used for correlation. If the silver parts pass, the problem is likely a part failure. If known good parts still fail, save the detailed test data and send this data to Support at RI.

2) Socket:
    Inspect the socket and clean the DUT Board surface under the socket and the back of the DUT board. Run some silver parts using a manual actuator. If the parts pass, the problem is likely the connection to the Handler. If the parts still fail, save the detailed test data and send to RI Support.

3) Fixture:
    Use extra (spare) fixture on the tester where the problem is suspected. Run the test plan and determine if test issues are cleared or if they remain. If test issues are cleared by using the spare fixture, the problem is with the fixture, the DUT board or the socket. The fixture and the docking interface will need to be inspected to determine the cause of failure. The fixture is not covered by a service contract. Repairs for parts and repair labor will be charged separately.

4) Tester:
    If the spare fixture shows the same problem as the original fixture, then there is a reason to inspect the tester. Run the diagnostics on the tester and send the results to RI Support. If a system failure is suspected, notify RI Support to request a new service report to document the suspected problem. Send the Fixture definition, bad data and the good data results on the parts to RI Support. Support is available continuously and will be reviewed and replied to quickly.

    Only spare Test Instrument Modules (TIMs) should be used for swapping into the tester with suspected problem. Do not swap TIMs from a tester with suspected problem into a tester that is operating correctly. If no spare module is available, a complete review of diagnostics is required prior to any internal inspection of modules.

    A spare module should be loaded into the tester and the defective module should be shipped to RI Santa Clara for repair. RI will issue an RMA for this return shipment. Please list the RMA on the return shipping paperwork. If a spare module is not available, the defective module needs to be returned to RI Santa Clara for repair. RI Santa Clara will ship a spare module as quickly as possible. However, this will take longer due to the time required to ship the module.

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