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Datalogging is an important part of any Test Plan and is performed with the System > Save button in a testplan. All datalogs can only be a single value, no arrays are allowed, and must have a data type. The datalog Name is not limited by the Testplan software or RITdb, however some limitations are applied when converting to other formats like STDF and CSV.

When a datalog includes multiple parameters, like when performing frequency or power sweeps, the values of the changing parameter is automatically appended to the datalog name separated by "@" character.

STDF Limitations:
US-ASCII Printable Characters only (see Wikipedia)
255 Character Limit (be mindful of the appended sweep values @xxxx)

CSV Limitations:
Avoid non-printable characters like CR, LF, Tab and common value separators like ',', '.', '@', '\', '/', ':', ';'

RITdb Limitations:
None known at this time.

See also:
User Data Identifier; Datanames; Custom Data Names and Test Numbers for the STDF record Cassini https://roos.com/docs/MFEY-8R5GRR

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