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The RI Guru Server simplifies the deployment, maintenance, and use of RI Cassini Systems and Virtual Workstations by providing a central repository for disaster recovery, backup files, new test plans, system calibration information, software updates and more. A "Guru Server" is highly recommended (but not required) for each site that currently has or plans on having more than one Cassini system. Roos Instruments offers a "Guru Enterprise Server" (RI8559A) that is intended for handling multiple locations and a larger pool of systems that incudes redundant mirroring hardware, complete system installation and network integration services. Guru Server can be installed a Virtual Machine based hosted environment (preferred) or on desktop class hardware (server class not required but recommended for high availability).

For a more complete description, read the introduction "Guru: Building Bridges to Islands of Automation" and reference "Overview of Guru" documents.

The Guru Server requires a network connection (direct subnet access) to the system controllers and the virtual workstations via tcp port 50000 as well as access to a NTP host (network time protocol, tcp 123) to maintain time accuracy. The Guru clients could use a hostname (i.e. guru.customer.com) or a Static IP ( to connect to local Guru Server, the hostname configured clients greatly simplify network administration.

Minimum System Requirements

CPU: 2.4 Ghz Intel Pentium 4
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 250 MB (available space, not including OS)
Network: 100 Mbit
Supported OS: xUbuntu LTS (14.4+), CentOS/RHEL 7+ Linux operating system.
Guru Server requires a graphical desktop environment like Xfce (preferred) or KDE/Gnome, however does not require local keyboard, mouse and monitor by using remote access via VNC/RDP.

Recommended System Requirements

Virtual Machine (recommended for easy deployment)

CPU: 2-4 cores, Host/Actual hardware multi-core AMDx2 or Intel Core2 Duo >1.5 Ghz x86 32-bit (x86_64 ok) with Hardware VM acceleration. (AMD-V, Intel VT-x)
RAM: 4-12 GB (more is better)
VirtualDisk Storage: 250 GB*
Host Network: Gigabit Ethernet
Host Power Supply: Dual Redundant Power with Facility Provided Uninterruptible Power Supply
Host OS: VirtualBox Server installed on any supported host OS. (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Guest OS: xUbuntu 18.4 LTS
Distributed as virtual machine appliance (.ova) for use with VirtualBox or VMWare Server. (both free to download and use)

Linux on Hardware (suggested for performance, i.e. 10+ systems)

CPU: AMDx2 or Intel Core2 Duo >1.5 Ghz x86 32-bit (x86_64 ok)
Hard Disk: 200 GB*
Network: Gigabit Ethernet (CAT5e or better)
OS: xUbuntu 18.4 LTE (preferred), CentOS\RHEL 7, Linux operating system.
Support for a similar Linux platform is NOT possible, please contact [email protected] prior to shipment.
Linux file package (.tar) to be installed and run from home directory of "riguru" user account on host OS.

*Typical Date Size for "characterization" workloads with 5 or less clients is less than 50 MB per month, "production" workloads with 5 or more Cassini systems can generate more than 500 MB growth per month.
NOTE: test data generally expires after 30 days, so capacity should not anticipate storing test data for extended periods of time.

To aid with deployment:

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