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The following describes how to perform preventive maintenance by setting the Pogo Pin height on the test head using a special tool.

Tools Required:
Calipers. (digital if available)
Pogo Pin Tool - RIK0030A (Order RI Kits : Fixture Accessories)

Remove Pins
Remove DC pin(s) from its socket by hand. This is done by pulling gently on the top of the pin. (See Image 1)

Measure Height
Using the calipers, measure from the top of the Pogo Ring surface to the top of the socket. It should measure at or around .040 in. but not exceed .060 in. (0.1524 cm) (See Image 2). Repeat this step as often as necessary to ensure all pins are at the same height. Except for the 1(One) ground pin that sticks up higher than the others. (See Note & Image 3) If all pins measure the same and are within this range, no adjustment is required.

Adjusting Pogo Pin Height:
Using the Pogo Pin Tool (See Image 4) align the tool over the pins that require a height adjustment.(See Image 5). With your index finger, press down slowly on the front portion of the tool until the tool is flush with the Pogo Ring. (See Image 6)

1 - Remove Pins

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