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What is a Guru ID?

Every Virtual Workstation instance or licensed user should have a unique Guru ID to prevent contention for connections to Guru Server and object collisions when running multiple Guru clients with the same ID. The Guru ID is used to encrypt and uniquely identify all files and objects generated by Guru Applications. The Guru Server maintains only one connection to each unique Guru ID, if multiple connections are attempted, the oldest connection is dropped and the client has to reconnect. In other words, do not "Clone" a Virtual Workstation that has already been initialized. You can think of the Guru ID as the systems Serial Number or unique identifier that is used to define ownership, permissions, and local security.
See also Product DocsVirtual Workstation - Initialize/Recover Guru ID

How to find my Guru ID?
The local Guru ID is visible on the logon prompt. It is save to use System > Logoff then press Logon again.

It is also visible on the Guru Browser's status bar. Choose
Apps > Guru Browser to launch.

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