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Replacing the battery in a UPS (Smart UPS Rack Mount 2200)

Tools Needed: #2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • Remove any fixtures/devices from the testhead.
  • Close all windows & exit system software.
  • Turn off testhead power.
  • Turn off UPS & unplug it.
  • Remove the front cover on the UPS.
  • Remove the (2) screws from the battery access panel and lower the panel.
  • Pull gently on the nylon cord attached to the battery connector. This will disconnect the battery from the unit. Then, remove the battery.
    NOTE, there are (2)batteries in this unit which weigh about 20 pounds each. Please use caution when removing them.
  • Install new batteries. Make sure the connectors on the battery and inside the UPS are seated properly.
  • Close the battery access panel.
  • Install front cover.
  • Plug the UPS back into it's power source.Turn UPS on. When the indicator lights on the UPS stop flashing & the battery indicator lights are off, turn testhead power on.
  • Start the system software, login and do a "StartUp".


RM-MANUAL.pdfRM-MANUAL.doc (online is a .doc, I made a PDF for your convenience)

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