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In some cases, a user may be asked to install a new version of the RI System Software on his existing system. This document describes the procedure in step-by-step terms. Before performing this operation, be sure the RI System Software is not running.

1. You will receive two or more files which comprise the new software release, all of them archived "ZIP" files. One ZIP file contains the system software, sometimes called "the image." The other files contain the DLLs, or "dynamic link libraries" which are used by the system software. In some cases, you may receive ONE zip file that contains both DLL and image files. The "image" zip is usually over 1M bytes in size, and the DLL zip is usually 4M bytes or so.

2. In the standard directory structure of the RI software, the main directory is called "RiApps" and may be on either drive C: or D:, depending on the installation. Within this directory are all of the software components which control the test system. The RI System Software is found in a directory called "\RiApps\Testexec".

3. Before replacing your existing, working, system with the new software, it is advisable to back up your existing version. Make a copy of the Testexec directory with the following XCOPY command. (Open an OS/2 Command Window and change directory to \RiApps before entering this command.) Note: DO NOT RENAME THE EXISTING DIRECTORY -- If you rename the directory instead of copying it, all of your screen icons will "point" to the old software!

XCOPY Testexec Oldexec /S

4. Delete the contents of the directory \RiApps\Testexec\DLL. Once emptied, unzip the file(s) which contains the new DLLs into the directory. In some cases, the image and DLLs are zipped together in one file. If so, just skip the "unzip" below and go on to step 5. Repeat the unzip operation for each ZIP file that contains DLLs. In this example, the DLL zip file is called xxxDLL.ZIP:

DEL \RiApps\Testexec\DLL
UNZIP xxxDLL.ZIP -d \RiApps\Testexec\DLL

5. Now, unzip the new RI System Software ZIP file (called xxx.ZIP here) into the Testexec directory, overwriting the previous version of the system software. Use the "-o" flag to force the unzip program to overwrite files without asking for confirmation:

UNZIP -o xxx.ZIP -d \RiApps\Testexec

After this step, the new version should be ready to run, using the icon on your desktop.

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