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It is possible to use an arbitrary value for Data Format to display the correct units. This often is needed after a calc button is used to translate a measurement to a different unit value that the Cassini software does not natively support. For example, if the capacitance data save uses a 'Units Scale' format of "n" for nano from the right click options, but there is no option for Farads as a measurement unit. The 'Data Format' is overwritten by a custom units of 'nF' inserted using a 'units' Parameter with a value of 'nF' to display the correct units in the worksheet.

Follow the steps below to implement arbitrary units value when displayed in the Datalog and worksheet.

To Use Custom Units:
  1. Choose Parameters... from the right mouse button menu when clicking on any System Save button. (see Figure 1)
  2. Choose Dictionary > Add menu to display the new key name prompt. (see Figure 2)
  3. Enter "units" and choose OK. (case sensitive) (see Figure 3)
  4. Enter the desired value between single quotes in the right pane. For example, use 'nF' for nano Farads. (see Figure 4)
  5. Choose the Close Window icon to close the Inspecting: IdentityDictionary window and choose Yes on the Save Unsaved Changes prompt. (see Figure 5)
  6. Choose Compile and Run buttons, then choose Options > Worksheet to view and confirm results.

Figure 1: System | Save > Parameters...

Figure 2: Dictionary Add

Figure 3: new units key name

Figure 4: 'unitName' value

Figure 5: Unsaved Changes

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