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This document describes the differences between RF Measure TIMs.

Current available models:
RI8581A RF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver TIM, non-DSP (Req.LO)
RI8587A RF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver w/ DSP TIM (Req. LO)

Unavailable but supported models:
RI8528A RF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver
RI8528B RF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver
RI8553A RF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver (& RecLO)

RI8528A - Initial Version: 20 GHz Measurement TIM: Same as RI7323A, except in 'Cassini' format (fatter module, BVD connectors). We use these in 7100. For long sources, we turn the RecLO around and use a BVD-SMA cable. For short sources, we just use a longer BVD-SMA cable.
RI8528B - New low-band mixer board, new IF board, new detector board. IF board is 5 MHz BW instead of the old 4 MHz. Has IF gain down to 8 and up to 68. Detector board has RMS 'low' gain, faster sample rate, 5 MHz complex detector BW.
RI8553B -

RI8581A -


RI8587A4- See Service Bulletin

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