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RI GURU - Portable Test Plan Environment

Guru is a redundant, distributed, and secure object database designed specifically for semiconductor automated testing.

Guru Operating System & Network Independent
    • Guru Clients for OS/2, Windows, Linux (Java Supported OS)
    • TCP/IP standard network protocols allow for easy integration into existing network (DHCP)
    • Internal firewall prevents unauthorized access and significantly reduces network vulnerability
Guru Programming Language Neutral
    • ASCII based storage formats for data for easy interoperability (i.e. for Analytics software)
    • Application programming interfaces (API) for Java, Smalltalk, Jython - the Python like scripting language for Java
Guru Automatic Backup and Recovery
    • File version history is available to easily revert to any previously saved state
    • Guru servers have automatic recovery so no configuration is needed when replacing hardware
    • Redundant, hot-swap guru utility server nodes allow for quick on-site replacement of failed hardware
Guru Data logging
    • near real time data logging with STDF snapshots that does not impact test performance
    • aggregating - collection agent collects test data from all test systems
    • translates and uploads to other resources (files, databases, ftp) *custom engineering required
    • non-RI data importing agent for standardization across the test floor - STDF *custom engineering required
Guru Testplan Distribution and Management (version control)
    • single point of release controls production floor reliability
    • staged release workflow (alpha, beta, released)
    • a Testplan can be locked to allow absolute version control on every file in the environment
    • snapshot of complete environment tied to a released test plan with UserApps
Guru True Global Distribution System - hierarchical storage system
    • automated software updates
    • automatically retrieves latest version of files
    • policy based file filtering based on the connecting client Guru is used to prevent unauthorized users from seeing protected files
Guru Usage Accounting and auditing
    • summary of event log, logging testers usage
    • OEE monitoring for usage audit using standard log files
    • near real time event logging
    • custom system error reporting agent (email), Java / Jython scripting language *custom engineering required
Guru Test House Enabled
    • full public/private encryption key authentication for remote connections
    • all files are digitally signed and authenticated to prevent corruption
    • all files can be optionally encrypted with 1024-bit Blowfish encryption algorithm
    • policy based security to keep data separated
    *custom engineering required - these features requires software customization's based on customer requirements

    • Fully integrated appliance - utility hardware
    • Enterprise Guru Server is a pair (or more) of cloned servers that run only RI Guru
    • Facility must provide a Standard EIA rack (2U to 8U) and A/C Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
    • There are many reasons to not run other applications on guru hardware:
      • Guru performance is impacted
      • no supported user interface for installing applications
      • other applications can compromise reliability and security of operating system
      • OS environment customization can not be allowed
      • there is no failover protection or backup and restore abilities for other applications
      • tuned operating system for Guru
      • setting system clock can cause failure
      • all service is performed via a exchange of hardware, any customization can not be made by RI
    • Additional space is available for non-RI application servers.
    • Optional rack mounted terminal and KVM may provide user interface to non-RI hardware
    • Virtual Machine hosting possible (unsupported) -- system clock UTC, can cause failures when not correct.

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