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Unpacking a Cassini 16 from Shipping Cratehttp://roos.com/docs/RBEH-8E6PZV?Open

Unpacking instructions for Cassini 16 Infrastructure (RI8568B) with or without an AUX Rack, TIMs or System Controller (EPC). Power is required to raise/lower the Testhead when loading the Infrastructure and "may" be needed to unload the Infrastructure. If a customer supplied power cable is used, see "Step 6" for instructions for swapping power cables. Refer to the Cassini Maintenance eManual for system diagram and diagnostic procedures.

Equipment Needed:

Cassini 16 Crate (made with heat treated, Nematode-Free wood), International Shipments require metal bands (2 Vertical, 1 Horizontal),

    Crate Outer Dimensions: approximately 57x42x77 inch (1450x1070x1950mm)

    Shipping Weight: approximately 440 lbs. (200 Kg)

7/32 Allen Wrench (for adding optional Test Head counter weights, 2 people recommended)

#2 Phillips Screwdriver (for swapping power cables)

Foam Blocks, Foam Sheets (for stability)

Power plug near crate to lower/raise testhead onto foam stabilizing bar.

Unpacking Cassini 16 Infrastructure:

  1. Cut bands, remove 6 retaining clips and save. DO NOT disassemble sides of crate.
  2. Lower door.
  3. Remove all boxes packed around Infrastructure.
  4. Remove plastic bag and pull tester out. Unload Infrastructure by using the handles ONLY, do not pull on the Test Head arm or blue ball.
    Note: Testhead is resting on foam bar and may require Testhead to be raised or system angled slightly while being pulled out.
    If the system does not move, attach power, turn ON, and press UP to raise head.
    (see step 6 for detailed instructions for swapping power cable)
  5. Replace cross block for future shipment.
  6. If customer supplied/modified power cable is used, exchange power cable by unscrewing supplied cable (#2 Phillips) and replace with infrastructure being exchanged.
    NOTE: power is REQUIRED to properly load infrastructure into crate. If power is needed to unload, repeat steps twice: once prior to unloading and again after loading.

  7. (Optional) Add Testhead Counterweights (RIK0244) to testhead as instructed here.
  8. Load System Controller (EPC) and attach network, monitor, mouse and keyboard.
  9. Load TIMs in their correct "T" locations, RIFL cable to Handler POD into any RIFL "H" location.
  10. Connect Power, confirm red EMO button is not activated (is popped up). DO NOT ATTACH FIXTURE until the system is fully started and Cassini software running (Logon & Short Cut or User App).
  11. Power ON, Logon to Guru and choose the appropriate Short Cut. Dock and Latch Diag/Cal Interface plate after Cassini main system window appears, then choose System > Check.
  12. Run all Diagnose and Verify service plans (calibration is not required) before releasing to production. (Choose System > Tester to open the Configuration window. Choose Tester > Diagnose to open the Service Exec window.)

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