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Roos Instruments recommends that the following Preventive Maintenance Procedure be carried out any time the tester is docked or undocked to keep the Cassini ATE System at its peak performance.

Daily maintenance may require cleaning and or repairing of sensitive electronic connections. Use rubbing alcohol to clean connectors and use compressed air to remove debris. If the contamination is not removed, you should stop all operations, shut-down the component and remove it for maintenance. The components can be replaced on-site or repaired at RI depending on the severity of the contamination or damage.

Visually inspect the following items, clean and make any repairs as necessary:

1) Carefully inspect the Socket and Load Board connections. Look for any physical damage, bent pins or fingers, and contamination such as dirt, dust, or metal flakes. Particularly, look for small pieces of conductive debris that would prevent a good connection between the DUT and socket.

2) Check all of the Microwave and DC connectors between the Fixture and Test Head, located on the bottom of the Fixture.

3) Inspect the Docking Hardware for mechanical wear. Improper alignment can cause intermittent measurements.

4) Finally, check the RIFL cable and attached to the Handler Pod and inspect for any damage or loose connections. Also verify that the handler grounding wire alligator clip is properly attached to an exposed piece of metal on the handler.

If everything looks normal, then run some know devices through normal tests to check for basic correlation. If there is physical damage to any cables or Handler Pod, the system should be brought down for maintenance and a service call requested. It will be necessary to replace the failing connector/cable assembly.

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