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Symptom: "Missing code for node Y0000000" followed by a "Serial Number Not Stored in tester..." prompt.

Likely Solution: The RIFL Master is not responding to the Cassini application running on the EPC and may require a "hard" restart of the EPC.

To Hard Restart the EPC:
    1. Shutdown the EPC
    2. Turn the Power switch to OFF
    3. Wait for 30 seconds
    4. Turn the Power Switch to START then leave in ON position
    5. Log in to Guru and launch the Cassini application from the latest Short Cut and confirm the problem is resolved. If the problem persists, consider swapping EPCs and contact [email protected] for further debug steps or an RMA.

Seeing the "Missing code for Y0000000" message in the Cassini Log window indicates that RIFL Master node did not respond with valid node ID.  When this message accompanies the the "Serial number not store in the tester" prompt, it points to the RIFL master is not being initialize properly.  Rarely, this could happen during a warm restart of EPC where the RIFL master is not powered down (i.e. shutdown the EPC and let it auto reboot itself).  This is the preferred standard operating procedure because the master 10 MHz frequency reference oscillator is part of the RIFL master and any time that the power is cycled on the oscillator, it can take a it of time for the frequency to stabilize.  Therefore, it is better to not power down the oscillator, if it can be avoided.  But in this rare case, the RIFL master did not get initialized properly.  The simplest procedure to resolve this particular issue is to cycle the power to the RIFL master by safely restarting the EPC following the procedure above. The "Serial Number Not Stored in tester..." prompt is a by-product of the same symptom. This prompt appears when the Cassini software can not initialize the testhead and read the serial number from the three RILF hubs (main/front/read) contained within it.

Figure 1: Missing Code for Node Y000000 and then Serial Number Not Stored in tester...

The other reasons could include a failed RIFL Master power supply or possibly a loose cable. Please contact [email protected] to debug further.

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