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Cassini Test Plan

Create a new test plan with the Test menu from the Cassini window. From the Cassini application menu bar, select Test and Plans... The Select Testplan dialog box will appear.

Click the New Button.

The System Controller will display an "No Title" Test Plan Editor window.

Use the File | Save Guru menu to save the test plan to Guru. The Type, Version and Status flags can be used to organize test plans. Use the Type field as you would name a folder in a file system. Version is used to identify different versions of test plan and Status is to flag the Testplan ready for production (released) or still in development (alpha or beta).

Enter the title of the new test plan. (New Title was entered as the Test Plan title in the example shown.)

Select the save button.

Selecting the Device Type

The DUT definition is used to load the relevant paths that are defined to help the developer link the systems resources with the device.

From the Test Plan Editor window, select the Tester menu to change the Device (DUT), DUT Control, Device Interface Board (DIB), and Fixture. The Tesplan can also be accessed in Guru based on what Device, Device Interface Board, or Fixture is associated with the Testplan.

The name of the currently selected Device (DUT) is shown in the title and a selection window appears to select a new device. Click select to choose the highlighted entry or cancel to keep the current device. The Testplan editor will use the active hardware unless changed by this menu. The Testplan Editor will allow any system resource to be added, even if the defined Device, Device Interface Board, or Fixture has not been created yet.

Repeat each of these steps to change the DUT Control, DIB, and Fixture associations.

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