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1. Activate the correct Calkit - If there is more than one, then there is the possibility that the wrong cal Kit is used. Be sure to check inspect the values.

2. With the CalKit active do a RMBC and select "calibration inspect" in the pull down menu.

3. Highlight the ENR table in the window that pops up and double click on it. Also double click on "enr" when the next window opens.

4. Double click on the right hand side data points for enr and an edit window will open.

5. Make sure you select "lin". The format will switch to "log". View and or edit the log number from the calibration table from the noise source. Also take note of the proper frequency for the point being viewed.

6. One the table has been viewed/edited make sure the CalKit icon is highlighted. Choose "save calibration from the pull down menu after doing a RMBC.

7. Deactivate the Calibration Kit and then reactivate. Check to make sure your edits are still in place.

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