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These docs can be referenced to understand Phase Noise theory and implementation details with the RI8575A.

A New Phase Shifter-less Delay Line Method for Phase Noise Measurement of Microwave Oscillators
Hamed Gheidi, Ali Banai
Department of Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology
Azadi Avenue, P. O. Box 11365-9363, Tehran, Iran
[email protected]
[email protected]

Abstract— In this paper a new method for measuring phase noise of microwave oscillators based on delay line frequency discriminator is proposed. Eliminating of phase shifter is the major advantage of this technique over traditional delay line technique. By using this new technique, we get rid of manually or electronically tuning of phase shifter to reach phase quadrature at the phase detector input ports. A 90-degree Hybrid is used in this technique and another path including phase detector and LNA is added. Finally by using dual channel FFT analyzer and performing some calculation over sampled data of two channels, the phase noise of oscillator will be extracted. A setup based on proposed method was constructed and phase noise of a 3 GHz phase locked oscillator was measured via three methods; traditional delay line method, phase shifter-less method and direct spectrum reading from spectrum analyzer. comparing the measured data of three methods has shown validity of the proposed method.


Phase Noise 101: Basics, Application and Measurements
Bob Nelson 2018
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