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The Measure Group is a grouping function used to tie a setting to a specific measurement in a panel. Most users run into its requirement when putting multiple dut control instrument measurements in a single panel. We will use that example to illustrate the need for the concept.

In this panel there are two measurements of current one for VCC1 and one for VCC2, since (in this hypothetical case) they are at different current levels the current Measure Max value is different. Superficially this looks correct. But at compile time there is an error.

Here is the error.

The problem comes from multiple values of the the dut control instrument. It is not obvious that it is a problem until the panel is looked at differently.

The fact that each of the two attributed of the instrument (Current measure max, and I measure>Vcc1) are in the same dut control button, is only a convenience. In effect it is the same as the panel below where all the Dut control buttons are separate.

Looking at the buttons separately it becomes obvious what the problem is. The compiler in this case would try to make 8 measurements with all the permutations of the buttons.

If it is desired to only have two measurements, a new construct is needed. That is the Measure Group.
The measure group collects the buttons and assigns them to the measurement in the group. It is just like putting them in separate panels.
This version compiles properly.

Now that the concept is understood, here is an additional implementation to tie multiple settings of the RF receiver for a harmonic measurement.

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