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Instructions from the Cassini Reference Guide.

Unpack & Install from Cassini Reference Guide (v2.3).pdfUnpack & Install from Cassini Reference Guide (v2.3).pdf

Cassini Unpack Instructions Supplement.pdfCassini Unpack Instructions Supplement.pdf(For crates with TIM Shelves)
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Congratulations on your purchase of a new precision high speed ROOS CASSINI ATE!

The TIMs are placed in their own protective cardboard boxes and secured around the Infrastructure crate. Remove these boxes prior to removing the Infrastructure. The "Tall AUX Rack" (8U) is shipped in it's own crate, there may be boxes containing TIMs or other equipment (like Monitor) surrounding or inside the the AUX rack.

To remove the ATE System from the packing crate:

1) Open the end of the crate with the fold down door/ramp.

2) Loosen the Wing Nuts that hold the cross brace in place and remove the wooden cross brace block.

3) The dust cover bag can now be removed. See Below:

4) Reach into the crate on the right side of the ATE System and remove the Test Head Support foam block.

5) Loosen the ATE System support leveling feet by turning the Knob in a counter clockwise direction until they are as far up as they can adjusted. This will allow the system to roll freely on the system casters.

6) Pull the RI ATE System out of the crate using the two large handles located on top of the Main unit just above the On / Off switch. Do not pull on the ball at the top of the manipulator, that is only for adjusting the system in small increments when docking to a handler or prober.

7) The system should roll easily down the Ramp made by the open crate door.


Once the main ATE System and built in Manipulator are removed from the crate the Auxiliary Rack ( if so equipped ) can be removed.

1) Begin by removing the two foam blocks at the bottom of the rack.

2) Roll the Auxiliary Rack out of the crate by pulling on the extended shelf so that Rack can move out of the crate door and down the ramp!

Attach the AUX rack to one of two locations on the Infrastructure: Left or Right.

With Auxiliary Rack attached on the Left:With Auxiliary Rack attached on the Right:

Unpack any extra items such as:

1) Keyboard/Mouse & LCD Monitor (with RI8596A)
3) Cal/Diagnostic Interface Plate (included with System Integration)
4) Etc...

Will be placed and secured to the Aux Rack or Test Head.

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