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The Roos eManual (iPad) provides access to Guides, Presentations, PDF Diagrams and other resources for the Cassini ATE System. Always follow corporate IT policies when using this device. Get the most out of your device by using Apps to provide additional functionality. Each device will automatically update Apps and the iOS system software.

How do I sync my own PDFs with the ROOS eManual?
Use Adobe Acrobat Reader's built in "mobile link" feature to view recent files across computers with Adobe Acrobat or on the web at Adobe Document Cloud. Using a single, shared Adobe Account can keep all your PDF documents organized and shared across devices. Create a new account from the device or your computer. Log in to each eManual's Acrobat Reader app with the same account information. From a computer, open Adobe Document Cloud and upload and organize PDF files. From the eManual, select "Document Cloud" from the location menu (default is "Local").

How do I access online documentation at roos.com (App notes)?
Visit roos.com from Safari (web browser) and click on the Search icon, then "Documentation" tab or press the menu icon and select support. For quick access, press the share icon, then select "Add to Home Screen" to create an icon leading directly to the document library.

How can I secure the eManual to prevent theft or loss?
Purchase a Kensington Lock solution for iPad mini that can be strapped to the handles on Cassini.

How can I charge the eManual?
Attach the provided USB to thunderbolt charging cable to the USB port of the Cassini EPC.

Download Documents
Use the links below to download documents directly to the tablet (access "roos.com/docs/RBEH-A4UV98") . You can also download these files with your desktop and load with iTunes, or email to the Apple ID associated with the tablet. Either way, you will have to open the archive and load the documents individually using the "Open with..." action.

Cassini Reference Guide
Available on the iBookstore

Course Presentations (Open with Acrobat Reader...)
Download Presentation PDF Archive (.zip) (43 MB) divided into 5 day segments.

Manuals, Diagrams, and Product Briefs (Open with Acrobat Reader...)
Download the Manuals, Diagrams and Product Briefs in PDF Archive (.zip) (68 MB) that were pre-loaded into your ROOS Support Tablet (iPad).

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