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Instructions for printing the binder that accompanies this presentation is here: Database 'Product Docs', View 'Published\By Section', Document 'Cassini Maintenance Manual v2'

Cassini Maintenance Training v2a Handout.pdfCassini Maintenance Training v2a Handout.pdfCassini Maintenance Training v2a slides.pdfCassini Maintenance Training v2a slides.pdfCassini Maintenance Training v2.odpCassini Maintenance Training v2.odp"note: actually ver2a"

Syllabus - Cassini Maintenance Training

System Introduction
    Identification (Front/Back & Testhead)
    Block Diagrams (40 GHz)
    Power Supply, ON/OFF
    Emergency Off (EMO)
    Aux Rack
    Guru & System Controller Disaster Recovery
    Starting Cassini
Routine Care & Maintenance
    Daily, Periodic and Annual PMC Procedure
    Basic Care with PKZ, Coax
    Service Plans
    Transient Instruments & Cak Kits
    Calibration Process
    Inspecting & Special Cal Buttons
    Diagnostic Testplan Review
    Breakpoints & Control
    Limits, Graphs
    Disabling Tests
    Basic, Normal Troubleshooting Tree
    Common Scenario (Example)
    Source Basics, Block Diagram
    Common Source Failures
    Troubleshooting Hints
    Find Phase Lock Errors with Averaging
Wrap-up and Review
    Exchanging TIMs
    Sending Data to RI
    Guru Object Class Definitions
    How to Get Information
    How to Get Help from RI

Printed Manual

Cassini Maintenance Manual

1 - Planning
    Site Preparation Guidelines for CASSINI and RI7100A&C
    Cassini Footprint - Cassini 16 Infrastructure
    Cassini Footprint - 56 Small Infrastructure
    Cassini Footprint - 57 Large Infrastructure
    RI Safety Guidelines for Hazards - Cassini
2 - Setup
    Cassini 16 Diagram (Location and Descriptions)
    Unpacking a Cassini 16 from Shipping Crate
    Setting Up the Cassini 16 Test System for the First Time
    Setup System Networking (TCP/IP and FTP)
    Guru Server Install & Setup Instructions
3 - Routine Care & Maintenance
    Cassini Regular (Daily) Maintenance
    Cassini Periodic Maintenance (Verify TIMs)
    Diagnose and Verify Cassini TIMs
    Checking Wear Levels of Relays and Attenuators (% Life Remaining)
    Cassini Fixture Care and Maintenance
    RF Connector Care - Handling coax cables
4 - Calibration
    Cassini System Calibration Procedure
    Diagnostic Test Plan Review
    Calibration of Test Fixtures
    Calibration Kit Maintenance for Cassini
5 - Using the System Controller
    Guru Applications
    Import, Export, & Recover Files with Guru Browser
    Connect to Guru Server with Guru Address Book
    Transferring Test Data with Guru Agents
    Backup System with Guru
    Restore, Sync, and Log System Controller with System
    System Software Errors & Recovery
    Monitor Error and Warning Messages
6 - Troubleshooting
    Troubleshooting - Cassini System
    Troubleshooting - Breakpoint & Control
    Troubleshooting - Limits in Service Plans
    Troubleshooting - Visualizing Data (Graphs)
    Troubleshooting - Basic Diagnostic Process
    Troubleshooting - Common Scenario & Source Basics
    Calibration Issues - Restoring Fixture Calibration Data
    Advanced Troubleshooting - Opening a TIM
7 - Service and Shipment
    Exchanging Cassini Modules
    Exchanging Cassini Modules
    Exchanging Cassini 16 System Controller
    Packing and Shipping a Cassini TIM
    Shipping a Cassini Fixture
    Preparing a Cassini 16 System for Shipping
    End of Life: Decommissioning of Cassini Systems

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