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The Diag Kit contains the Diag/Cal Interface Plate, cables and adapters needed to Diagnose and Calibrate Cassini TIMs. The Diagnose procedure should be followed when a faulty TIM is swapped, prior to a Calibration or when the operator wants to validate the functionality of Cassini TIMs.

Cal Data for TIMs is valid on any system, however TIMs with interconnections on the bottom plate, called "RF System TIMs", may require a re-Cal when moved. Stand-alone TIMs do NOT have any connections to any other TIMs on the Diag/Cal Kit whereas RF System TIMs DO have connections to other TIMs. Fixtures may require re-Cal if the CalPerTester property is used.

The Cassini Reference Guide contains chapters on Troubleshooting, Diagnose and Calibrate.

Diagnose and Verify Cassini TIMs
Import Cal Data .GZP with Guru Browser
Exchange TIM Checklist
Check Date of TIM's current Cal Data

Note: This document is linked by a QR Code found on the Diag/Cal Interface Plate diagrams.

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