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How to Backup a Guru Server

A Guru Server configured as a Backup Guru to clients provides automatic backup of all data and applications from every connected Guru client. Datalogs are also transferred automatically to the Backup Guru but are created with an "Expire On" date, normally 30 days from creation. The data can expire once the STDF data is processed and exported to a processing agent. When any Guru client (System Controller or Virtual Workstation) connects to a Backup Guru, it transfers all of the revisions of every file to the Guru Server. Since a new copy is created on every revision (copy on write), the program and data directories (/home/guru) can be backed up and archived while the server is running. This also lends well to differential backups and VM snapshots. (See also Product Docs Using Sync Util to Backup and Update Local Guru)

Data Retention Guidelines
Since data is never destroyed (except expired datalogs), Guru Server backups should be performed nightly, 1 copy saved forever. Multiple copies are not required because recovery is handled internally to Guru. STDF data generated from the raw datalogs should be archived directly from the STDF analysis tool. Data logs are stored TEMPORARILY in Guru and used for statistics and data processing only. Compared to traditional ATE, ROOS systems generate a very large amount of DUT datalogs and meta-data. All of this information is useful for Data Analytics.

Directory Structure
~/RiApps/ - Program directory contains .zip files that decompress the program before every run, assuring that the program has not been changed and will operate as intended.
~/RiApps/guruserver/ - Guru Server program directory.
~/RiGuru/ - Contains Guru ID, the data repository, local data and transaction logging directory.

Restore a Guru Server

Restore the program and data directories, along with any platform files needed to launch Guru Server.

Restore Previous Version

To restore a file from a Guru Server, follow the instructions for Recovering a Guru Object. (hint: Use Guru Browser's Revisions tab and then choose "make last revision of" from the right mouse button menu)

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