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The EPC desktop uses XCenter to display the ArcaOS Menu and Task bar along the bottom of the screen. This application may be manually started if the task is closed or crashes. If it is not started automatically when the EPC is restarted check the setting and consider recovering the Desktop from the Archive. The root cause of XCenter closing may be accidental key presses, so consider following the steps to Disable Folder Hotkeys to remove this scenario.

To Start XCenter:
  1. From the Desktop, choose Open Parent from the right click menu (or press Backspace key).
  2. Choose the + icon next to Desktop and then Programs. (See Figure 1)
  3. Double click on Utilities and XCenter icons to start the missing app and restore the expected user interface. (See Figure 2)

To Open XCenter Automatically at Startup:
  1. From the Utilities folder, choose Properties from the right mouse button menu on XCenter icon. (See Figure 3)
  2. Enable the Open XCenter automatically property. (See Figure 4)
  3. If that option is enabled and the propblem persists after restart, follow the steps "To Recover System Configuration From Archive" in the Product DocsRecovering System Configuration with ALT+F1 - Recovery Choices https://roos.com/docs/RBEH-8V92FA?Open

To Disable Folder Hotkeys:
  1. From the Deskop or ArcaOS > Desktop menu, choose Computer > System Settings > Workplace Shell.
  2. Choose Folder Hotkeys tab and disable React to folder hotkeys. Close the Workplace Shell settings window and confirm desired functionality. (See Figure 5)

Figure 1: Drive C Tree: Desktop > Programs > Utilities

Figure 2: XCenter in Utilities Folder

Figure 3: XCenter Properties

Figure 4: Open XCenter automatically

Figure 5: Workplace Shell > Folder Hotkeys > Disable React to folder hotkeys

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