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Cassini may report an Error accompanied with "Missing Module code ???????" logged to the Message window. (See Figure 1) This may indicate that an Instrument loaded in the the active Tester definition is not supported by the version of Cassini based on the Short Cut that was used to launch it. Cassini will load the default tester based on the current Guru ID. If a default has not been assigned, it will load the Tester which has been most recently saved. If this is encountered on a Cassini Virtual Workstation, it is likely that a Default Tester has never been assigned to the Guru ID. See Database 'Product Docs', View 'All Documents', Document 'Activating a Tester and Saving It As Default'Activating a Tester and Saving It As Default https://roos.com/docs/RBEH-C9AHXS

This error can be resolved by either changing the Active Tester or by closing Cassini and launching the latest "Dev" Short Cut. If either of these procedures does not resolve the Error, choose Save on the Error dialog to generate a RiErrorLog object in Guru and then use Guru Browser to export it as a .gzp file and sent to [email protected] along with the steps needed to recreate the issue.

To Activate a Tester:
1. Choose Test > Tester to open the Activate Tester window. (See Figure 2)
2. Select a Tester configuration to activate from the list and choose Activate. (See Figure 3)

To Launch Cassini from the Latest Dev Short Cut:
1. Close the Cassini application.
2. Choose the latest "Dev" version from the Short Cuts button on Guru.

Figure 1: Error Loading Tester...

Figure 2: Cassini Test > Testers...

Figure 3: Activate Tester dialog

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