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The Cassini 16 Infrastructure's Testhead uses a stack of three PCBs as the RIFL Hub (RIFL main board) to distribute power and control to the Front and Rear RIFL top boards and the four RIFL II "H-location" ports used for controlling AUX instruments and handler/prober. After replacing this assembly, a "Serial Number Not Stored in tester..." prompt may appear after launching Cassini. Follow the procedure below to copy the Guru ID from the current running EPC to the newly installed hardware. This allows the Guru ID to be restored from when the EPC is swapped in the future.

To Initialize RIFL Hub with Guru ID (Serial Number):
  1. Start Cassini with a User App or Short Cut that includes Patch 241 and Guru v72+.
  2. If the Serial Number stored in the RIFL Hubs do not match the Guru ID of the EPC, the system will present a prompt with "Serial Number Not Stored in tester, ..." message.
  3. Press Ok and continue to the next step. (See Figure 1)
  4. After the Cassini app finishes loading, type "RiEquipmentPool changeTesterSn" into the white area below the System button.
  5. Select the text by clicking to the left of "Ri.." and dragging to the right of "Sn"
  6. Choose DoIt from the right mouse button menu.
  7. Choose Yes when prompted to update. This will update the Root Hub's Guru ID with the currently running Guru ID.
  8. Now Close the Cassini application and re-launch the Short Cut to confirm that the message is not presented and all the TIMs and RIFL ports are now working by following the Diagnose Proceedure.

Figure 1: Serial Number Not Stored in tester

Figure 2: RiEquipmentPool changeTesterSn > Do it

Figure 3: Please Confirm > Yes

Note: If the tester definition was saved while the wrong serial number was in the tester, then the tester definition must be re-saved. If unsure, confirm that the correct tester definition is active (big 'System' button, 'Tester' to open the configuration panel. It is shown on the gray bar at the top of the configuration panel) and then re-save the the tester definition (From the configuration panel, 'Tester' 'Save').

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