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Many test floors collect data from their testers during normal operation and process the information into a "status" view of their test floor. To make the RI 7100A tester easier to integrate into these systems, we have added a report which is created during the operation of the tester.

During the operation of a test executive, the RI tester will write a file called "SNAPSHOT.CSV" into the directory D:\RiApps\Testdata\LotSummary. This file is written every ten parts with new lot summary data. It shows the total parts tested, the hard and soft bin counts, and much more. The file is in the same format as other "lot summary" files. It is a comma separated variable file which has a fixed spacing for all of the items in the file. The row and column numbers never change from one version of the RI software to the next, so customers can create their own programs which use the CSV file and not have to worry about updates.

What follows is an example from a SNAPSHOT.CSV file. The blank rows in the file are to provide for future expansion while keeping important items on fixed row numbers -- such as hard and soft bins. This file is written every 10 parts tested. It is opened with permissions that will allow another program to read the file even as it is being written. This feature was tested by opening the file with a text editor over and over while the program ran. It always opened properly and read the entire file. Writing the file takes only a few milliseconds, so there is no impact on test time.


Here is a sample of the SNAPSHOT.CSV file, rendered as a table for easier viewing:

TitleDevice all duts tested on 06/13/06 - 11:03:35 am exec: 01 lot: lotname sublot: sublot name
Time11:03:35 AM
OperatorJoe Barnhart
Deviceall duts
Primary Testplan1
Standard LimitsLimits
Premium Limits
Continuity Testplan
Continuity Limits
Aux Testplan
Sublotsublot name
Avg. Test Time5.20E-03
Avg. Wait Time2.56E-01
Data LoggedFALSE
Bin 13
Bin 210
Bin 30
Bin 40
Bin 50
Bin 60
Bin 70
Bin 80
Bin 90
Bin 100
Bin 110
Bin 120
Standard Pass3
Premium Pass0
Standard Fail10
Continuity Fail0
Joes test37
Special Fail 20
Special Fail 30
Special Fail 40
Special Fail 50
Special Fail 60
Special Fail 70
Special Fail 80
Special Fail 90
Special Fail 100
Special Fail 110
Special Fail 120
Special Fail 130
Special Fail 140
Special Fail 150
Special Fail 160
Special Fail 170
Special Fail 180
Special Fail 190
Special Fail 200
Special Fail 210
Special Fail 220
Special Fail 230
Special Fail 240
Special Fail 250
Special Fail 260
Special Fail 270
Special Fail 280
Special Fail 290
Special Fail 300
Special Fail 310
Special Fail 320

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