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A "Guru Time" value is an 8 character timestamp that appears in various values including a Guru ID, local.sys.ArrivialTime and in other attributes. This 8 character value is either Base-36 (with the full alphabet) or Base-32 (missing vowels that look like numbers like "L" and "I", and "O").

Attributes that start with "local." are valid relative to the guru that the object resides (server or local) and may be discarded when the "<Guru Dir>/local/local.jnl" file is discarded, typically for server maintenance purposes.

Contact [email protected] to get a .gzp with the latest version of Guru Time app.

To Convert Guru Time (Base-36 RiNum) to a Date/Time:
    1. Launch Guru Timenow app
    2. Tools > Calculator
    3. Enter the 8 character value "FZGU7O00" into Base-26 RiNum and choose Convert >.
    4. Answer appears as Date/Time value of "2020-08-18-02:14:12.0000" as ISO-8601 standard YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS.SSSS

Guru Timenow App:
Use Guru Browser to import the .gzp to add this to Guru Apps.

To run Guru Timenow without Guru:

Double click to launch on any supported platform. It will try to connect to Guru Server application via "localhost:50010".

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